Manchester singer-songwriter Elyse is on an epic journey of self discovery and having fun along the way!


Growing up in the City of Manchester Elyse’s first experience as a Performer in a band was at the age of 14.
Over the next few years Elyse travelled and sang, whilst immersing herself in songwriting and study.

With these new skills she began to shape the link between sound, energy and vibration
and formed a holistic approach to her music and songwriting

Elyse realised that music is a powerful tool in helping people with their overall wellbeing, she became fascinated
by exploring the extent to which music can lift and greatly improve the sense of wellness and literally transform their lives for the better.
2012 was a defining moment for Elyse, in which she discovered the health benefits of the many different musical tones and frequencies.

Nowadays, Elyse uses a different mixture of tones to help people clean their energy field, and raise their vibration to love with her 4 week online course –
The Love Energy Frequency Transformation Program. Elyse loves to write positive uplifting lyrics, and each of her songs are ’tuned’ to different frequencies to create a high state of being.

Elyse knows that her transformative music works as it helped her clear her blocked emotions as since being a small child she has suffered from a unhealthy sugar addiction. Today she eats a whole foods plant based diet, drinks alkaline water, enjoys pilates and walks in nature.


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