Digital music will be downloaded to your computer/pc or mac.

Hard copy CDs will be posted out to your address and played on a CD player either at home or in your car.

The Love Energy music is in a pop and dance genre style with  Elyse’s timbre vocals, positive uplifting lyrics and all ‘tuned’ to the 9 Solfeggio Tones.

The 9 Solfeggio Frequency (Tone) Album (with intro) is a set of ‘9 tones‘ that clear your energy centres (chakras) and last 7 minutes each.  You can play these tones on a low/ medium/high volume, play a separate track (on repeat), or continuous 1-9  tracks.

All digital music will be downloadable to a computer/pc/mac.  You will receive a wav, mp3 and zip file.

Please note that due to some restrictions in place on certain mobile phone devices you may not be able to download certain media files.   This includes the iPhone, iPad, iPod, Amazon Kindle, Blackberry, Nokia and Android devices

Visit your device manufacturer’s website for further instructions on how to upload media files to mobile phones.

All PHYSICAL HARD COPIES of Album(s) and music, will be posted out to the shipping address you supplied when you made and paid for your order.

When listening to the frequency tones its always best to sit or lie down in a comfortable position, with headphones on and have no disturbances ie: switch off phone, computer and other electronic devices.

You can also just play the tones in the background on a low volume if you wish, either way its your choice, they still work despite whatever volume you decide to play at.

It is not recommended to be played whilst driving or using machinery.

If you cannot find the downloadable digital track(s)…please check your download folder, and spam & junk folders.

If you still have no joy:

Email support:

Apple or Android are both fine for wav, mp3s and zip files. (Wav will always be better quality)

However, there are plenty of different devices that may have protection against downloadable files, be it wav, zip or anything else, so that is why we have marked it to be a safe download.

Please always check your download folder, spam/junk folders just in case.

Everyone’s situation is individual, and so it could be a number of issues:

  • USB memory stick full or too small capacity i.e. no space for songs
  • Wrong format (if USB stick is formatted for Mac it might not allow copying from Windows, or vice versa)
  • USB memory stick could be write-protected.
  • If you are trying to drag the music over from a media player rather than the actual folder containing the songs? Then they need to be copied from wherever they’ve been downloaded to.

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The Love Energy Frequency Program is a 9 Module, 9 week online course, with 50 videos, 30+ audios, tones,  meditations, songs and workbooks.

This online course will teach you all about the positive healing effects and benefits of the many different musical frequencies (tones) and how to use them. You will clean, manage and rise your personal energy to LOVE all in the comfort of your own home!

Copyright Policy: Content on this website is provided for personal use only and it is asked by Elyse Music (Elyse G Rogers) that ALL music, videos and images do not be copied, reproduced, distributed, transmitted, broadcast, displayed, sold, licensed, or otherwise exploited for any other purpose whatsoever without the written consent of Elyse Music. Thank you for supporting independent artists!

The love energy music is special because these digital tones can heal your bodies energy system on a cellular level.  The price for the love energy music is priced the way it is because of the many hours of research on the musical frequencies, all the professional production work, and the recording studio hours.  This really isn’t your normal pop/dance music, its transformative!