Real Love (Single)

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Real Love - Cherish Mix
Real Love - Funky Edit Mix
Real Love - Smooth Mix
Real Love - Kardanski Mix


Real Love

Verse 1:

You only get one moment
You only get one chance
To make a good impression
It makes the good times last

You only have one reason
You only have one way
To make real love happen
To make a brighter day


I don’t know what to do when I think about you by myself This love
I don’t know what to say will we choose a new way with this love Real Love


Real Love, Real Love, Real Love
Real Love Real Love Real Love
Its all i’m thinking of

Verse 1:

You only have the feeling
You only have the thought
To be a loving nation
Thats what we want

You gotta keep on being
We gotta make a start
To make Real Love happen
Just open your heart