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  • The Love Energy (Digital) Album – mp3 & zip file


    All 9 of these Digital Love Energy Album Tracks (genre: pop/dance) have been ‘tuned’ into the 9 Solfeggio Tones.

    This Digital Album will be sent to you in wav, mp3 & zip file.

    Use headphones, sit or lie back in a comfortable position, relax and let the 9 tones, with positive uplifting lyrics and Elyse’s timbre vocals clear you!  Enjoy!  Note: Includes: a 12 Page Booklet with instructions and lyrics (pdf).

  • The Love Energy (Hard Copy) Album Hard Copy


    This is a Physical Hard Copy of The Love Energy Album (genre: pop/dance).  Each of the 9 songs have been ‘tuned’ to the 9 different Solfeggio Frequencies and have Elyse’s timbre vocals and positive uplifting lyrics! This CD will be posted out to UK/Europe & Worldwide!  (Extra cost for p&p applies).  Includes: 12 Page Booklet.

  • The Love Energy Album


    Take a moment to relax and listen to a new era of music that the current music industry is just waking up to! Be lifted higher in your personal vibration with empowering lyrics, where each of the 9 songs are like a warm hug for your soul. Whether you’re in need of a mood boost,…