The Love Energy (Digital) Album – mp3 & zip file

All 9 of these Digital Love Energy Album Tracks (genre: pop/dance) have been ‘tuned’ into the 9 Solfeggio Tones.

This Digital Album will be sent to you in wav, mp3 & zip file.

Use headphones, sit or lie back in a comfortable position, relax and let the 9 tones, with positive uplifting lyrics and Elyse’s timbre vocals clear you!  Enjoy!  Note: Includes: a 12 Page Booklet with instructions and lyrics (pdf).


1) Just Be Yourself (174 Hz)
2) I Want To Thank You (285 Hz)
3) Blessed With Love (396 Hz)
4) We’ve Got To Love More (417 Hz)
5) The Love Energy Pt 1 (528 Hz)
6) Most Importantly (639 Hz)
7) I Believe In (741 Hz)
8) Equality (852 Hz)
9) The Love Energy Pt 2 (963 Hz)

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