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  • The Love Energy (Digital) Album – mp3 & zip file


    All 9 of these Digital Love Energy Album Tracks (genre: pop/dance) have been ‘tuned’ into the 9 Solfeggio Tones.

    This Digital Album will be sent to you in wav, mp3 & zip file.

    Use headphones, sit or lie back in a comfortable position, relax and let the 9 tones, with positive uplifting lyrics and Elyse’s timbre vocals clear you!  Enjoy!  Note: Includes: a 12 Page Booklet with instructions and lyrics (pdf).

  • The Love Energy Album


    Take a moment to relax and listen to a new era of music that the current music industry is just waking up to! Be lifted higher in your personal vibration with empowering lyrics, where each of the 9 songs are like a warm hug for your soul. Whether you’re in need of a mood boost,…

  • In Paradise – 528Hz (Single)


    Experience a journey to paradise with ‘In Paradise’, tuned to the transformative frequency of 528 Hz. Through Elyse’s enchanting vocals and soulful lyrics, immerse yourself in a world of peace, love, and harmony.

    Let the healing energy of 528 Hz transport you to a place of miracles and boundless possibilities.

    Available for £3.99, this single is your ticket to paradise.

    Embrace the magic and transformation today. 🎶✨

  • Fly Away – 174Hz (Single)


    Escape the chaos and find serenity with this inspiring single “Fly Away,” tuned to the foundational frequency of 174 Hz which is all about grounding and foundation, and is based at your feet energy centre (chakra).

    Experience the healing power of 174 Hz as you listen. Whether you’re using headphones or blasting the music, let it wash away negativity and uplift your mood.  Allow the music to soothe your soul and elevate your spirit.

  • Summer Breeze (Single)


    The Digital Track(s) have been ‘tuned’ to 432 Hz, and will be sent to you in an MP3 format (please always check your Download Folder, spam or junk folder as depending on what device you are using it may go there instead?)  Use headphones, sit or lie back, relax and feel the ‘Summer Breeze’ track(s), with the positive uplifting lyrics and Elyse’s timbre vocals heal you!  Enjoy!