Fly Away – 174Hz (Single)

Escape the chaos and find serenity with this inspiring single “Fly Away,” tuned to the foundational frequency of 174 Hz which is all about grounding and foundation, and is based at your feet energy centre (chakra).

Experience the healing power of 174 Hz as you listen. Whether you’re using headphones or blasting the music, let it wash away negativity and uplift your mood.  Allow the music to soothe your soul and elevate your spirit.


Fly Away - 174Hz
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FLY AWAY (174 Hz)

Verse 1)

Come with me up above
Fill your heart full of love
Walk with me let us be
Share our Joy in harmony


Fly Away, Fly Away
Open your heart today
Fly Away, Fly Away
Fly Away with me
Fly Away with me right now

Verse 2)

Come with me to the Sun
Now its time, loves begun
Talk with me share the way
Now we are here to stay

Verse 3)

Come with me to the Moon
Hold on tight we’ll be soon
Share with me all your love
As we rise, up above