The Love Energy Album



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Take a moment to relax and listen to a new era of music that the current music industry is just waking up to!

Be lifted higher in your personal vibration with empowering lyrics, where each of the 9 songs are like a warm hug for your soul.

Whether you’re in need of a mood boost, craving some inner peace, or simply want to jam out to some feel-good tunes, this album has everything you need!

So, why wait? Treat yourself to some Love Energy today and raise your frequency to love!

Track List:

Track 1: Just Be Yourself (174 Hz)
Track 2: I Want to Thank You (285 Hz)
Track 3: Blessed with Love (396 Hz)
Track 4: We’ve Got to Love More (417 Hz)
Track 5: The Love Energy (Part I) (528 Hz)
Track 6: Most Importantly (639 Hz)
Track 7: I Believe In (741 Hz)
Track 8: Equality (852 Hz)
Track 9: The Love Energy (Part II) (963 Hz)

What you are about to hear is not just beautiful empowering music, it’s transformative! These songs have been carefully tuned to centre on each of the nine principal ancient Solfeggio healing tones, with the healing frequency running subliminally right through each song.

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