Feel The Love Album

Introducing ‘Feel The Love’ the latest album from Elyse that will elevate your spirits and ignite your soul with its enchanting melodies and empowering lyrics.

Each of the nine album songs have been specifically ’tuned’ to a different healing tone from The 9 Solfeggio frequencies to uplift and energise your vibration.

Buy this transformative powerful album now and experience music that not only sounds beautiful but also uplifts and heals your soul from within.

It’s time to raise your frequency to love and embrace the magic of Love Energy Music.



Product will be available from 30th June.



1) Fly Away (174 Hz)
2) Feel the Love (285 Hz)
3) Who Are We Really (396 Hz)
4) Feeling Lucky (417 Hz)
5) In Paradise (528 Hz)
6) Shine Your Light (639 Hz)
7) Beautiful World (741 Hz)
8) There’s Real Love in Me (852 Hz)
9) This Love Inside (963 Hz)